We make it safe

Leadership for the common good

At EAE, we have taken all the necessary measures to protect the health of our students, employees and other members of our educational community with the speed and responsiveness needed in a situation that affects us all and requires the maximum commitment to our institution and society.  

At our institution, we train people for leadership, to keep a step ahead and find solutions in uncertain times in which the developments happen fast. Now, as always, we are working to respond to new challenges. To achieve this, we have implemented a series of actions that have enabled classes to continue as normal, even in an emergency situation, all based on strengthening our education project.  

EAE works

Moreover, we have given our students and society in general access to a set of resources and contents on the business world, with the aim of helping to overcome the challenges we currently face and to lead the change. These resources are now available on any device with an Internet connection. 


Oxygen in times of coronavirus

Find out how our academic activity is continuing. 

1.  The engine doesn’t stop. At EAE, we are operating at 100%  

In these times of lockdown, the School has managed to readjust the engine that drives us in order to keep moving forward. To do so, we have depended on the professionalism and efforts of the Academic Coordinators and lecturers, whose hard work is being acknowledged in the feedback we receive from our students.   

For over 10 years now, EAE has been incorporating technologies within its academic management systems, focused programs, online seminars and training activities. As a result, adapting to online classes had been a natural process. Thanks to our Blackboard platform, we are able to monitor and evaluate our students. In addition, the studies undertaken by our Teaching Innovation Research Group and the rollout our hybrid programs have consolidated our status as experts in e-learning. Within this context, both the optimal execution of virtual classes and the training of our lecturers and collaborators has become a reality in a very short space of time. Thanks to our experience and technological capacity, lecturers and students have platforms for communication, sharing applications and presentations and having access to an endless supply of resources during the classes. The results we are seeing are excellent.  

Since 17th March, all our tuition programs resumed in an online, real-time format in line with the standard class timetable and, most importantly, upholding our commitment to quality and our learning philosophy. 

2. Evaluation continues, but we are aware of the challenges


If the classes are continuing, there also has to be continuous evaluation. The Collaborate Ultra platform issued a report after every session that lets us know which students have attended the class and how the course is progressing.  
This means that we still demanding participation and motivation from the students with respect to their studies. However, we understand that students may have difficulties to balance their studies with their professional and family commitments in such an exceptional situation. With this in mind, we are designing training activities and evaluation methodologies that will be extremely useful for students dealing with a challenging scenario

3. There are new activities on the horizon to achieve all our goals 

Technology is opening up lots of opportunities for us, but we are aware that certain competences will have to be reinforced in person when the authorities allow us to reopen the campuses. We are not envisaging the repetition of entire courses, but rather we simply want to identify now the contents that will need to be consolidated later on. 
To do so, we have set up a communication forum with the participation of the class representatives of each course on the one hand (as student representatives) and the Bachelor and Master Program Directors on the other. Exchanging opinions and insight in this way will give rise to new initiatives that ensure that the goals of each program are achieved 100%.  

4. The final examinations are at the planning stage 


EAE is an international school with students from many different countries, which requires added efforts when it comes to organizing the final examinations at a time when students are spread far and wide in different locations.  
With this in mind, the entire team of Academic Coordinators is undertaking the task of contacting the students to find out whether they are still in Spain or have returned to their home country or other places of residence (any EAE student reading this who has not yet spoken to their Academic Coordinator should contact them as soon as possible).  
We are compiling information and preparing for all eventualities in order to organize the defences of the Bachelor’s and Master’s Theses, curricular internships and the final evaluation. As soon as decisions are made in this respect, we will let you know.