Hybrid Methodology

Two innovative formats that blend learning on the Virtual Campus with periods at our Barcelona or Madrid Campuses.

Welcome to the Hybrid world! This methodology blends the best features of in-person approaches and digital platforms to create a unique, flexible and global education model. We run two kinds of Hybrid programs that adapt to different professional profiles:


Global Hybrid – Two-week residential periods


Designed for professionals who want to combine their professional life in real time with their Master studies at EAE, without having to leave their job or their home country. In this format, most of the program is run in sequence on the Virtual Campus, with a compulsory residential period in Madrid or Barcelona. The online part of the program is sequential to ensure that you enjoy a digital learning experience with a group of classmates from all over the world, who you then have the opportunity to meet during the residential period.

Programs in the Global Hybrid format

Metodología Hybrid



The methodology of EAE’s Hybrid programs was a semi-finalist at the prestigious Reimagine Teaching Innovation Awards 2015, organized by Wharton, the business school of Pennsylvania University (U-Penn) and QS. This certification gives the accreditation of international experts to the project and the methodological need it covers.

Why Hybrid?

By definition, the word Hybrid refers to something created by blending different elements. In our Hybrid methodology, we primarily blend two different class formats: virtual and on-campus. However, our methodology goes far beyond combining online study and face-to-face classes. Our innovative methodology combines video conferences, engagement and discussion forums, independent study, in-person sessions, on-campus workshops and many more dynamic learning tools to create an enriching methodology adapted to the modern world. Your life is a constant blend of digital and physical interaction, rational and emotional aspects, theory and practice. Why not learn in the same way?


Is a Hybrid program the right choice for me?


Hybrid programs are the ideal format for inspiring professionals anywhere in the world who want to combine a Master in Spain with their professional activity in their home country or who want to optimize their time spent studying in person. Our Hybrid programs are designed using EAE’s most innovative methodologies and pedagogical approaches to provide quality education without borders.

What are the advantages of a Hybrid program for professionals?

You don’t have to put your professional life on hold nor physically travel to another city to train academically. Hybrid programs are designed to ensure that professionals have the flexibility to adapt their studies to their professional and personal lives in their home country, studying and working together throughout most of the program in the Virtual Campus setting.

As a result, you receive training/education from an acclaimed European institution without needing to live abroad for a year. You also have the opportunity to travel for the short residential period to complement your learning experience, network with your classmates on the Master, and enjoy an experience abroad. .

Six reasons for taking a Hybrid program.



Learn while continuing to work.

You don’t have to put your professional career on hold.



Apply what you learn in real time.

You can put everything you learn in class into practice immediately in your professional life.



Study from the comfort of your own home.

You are in direct communication with the lecturers on the Virtual Campus, ensuring that you benefit from a more personalized experience.



Technology for the modern professional world.

You will learn to communicate effectively with your classmates and lecturers using digital platforms, perfecting skills that will benefit you greatly.



Digital platforms have no borders.

Get to know your classmates, work in a group and connect with other professionals throughout the program. In 2022, you’ll be able to meet them in person during the residential period at our campus.

Dual approach


The best of both the virtual and physical worlds.

Combining both methodologies ensures that you have a more complete education, capitalizing on the advantages of learning on digital platforms and in-person approaches.

What are the classes like on the Virtual Campus?

In contrast to traditional distance-learning models, the Hybrid Methodology replicates an in-person class, taking advantage of the benefits of technology to offer a rewarding learning experience and great networking opportunities.

Over the course of the virtual training period, the classes vary between:

  • Real-time video conferences led by a lecturer. 
    • The synchronous sessions enable the students and lecturers to connect at the same time to the Virtual Campus and participate actively throughout the video conference.
    • The video conferences are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday primarily, from 18:00 to 22:00 (Spanish time, CET).
  • Asynchronous working sessions, which are run in parallel individually or in small groups, depending on your availability, in line with the agreed submission deadlines for each activity or project.

To facilitate the student’s progress and ensure they advance steadily, the courses are run one at a time, in succession, with the students receiving constant feedback from the team of lecturers. As the classes do not overlap or alternate, students concentrate on the corresponding course at any given time, thereby preventing an academic overload that may interfere with their other commitments.

What is the on-campus period like?

We connect the digital and physical worlds, taking all the knowledge acquired in the online learning period and developing it at the Campus.

The in-person period of the program gives you the chance to benefit from:

  • Conferences, workshops and/or specialist classes.
  • Masterclasses with experts and executives from the professional world.
  • Visits to leading companies and institutions
  • Extracurricular activities to foster networking among the classmates
  • Getting to know one of Spain’s most iconic cities.
  • Extracurricular activities to foster networking among the classmates.
  • Attend training sessions on Executive Skills, Leadership and Change, Financial Management and Global Economics.
  • Visit leading companies
  • Take part in teambuilding activities
  • Prepare to defend their Master’s Thesis
  • Have individual coaching sessions
  • Take guided tours of the cities.

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