The Learning Experience

Panta Rhei: Everything Flows

Welcome to EAE Business School’s Learning Experience.

Knowledge, like energy, is an ever changing notion. And in order to achieve transformation, we’ve created an experience made up of constant and accumulative cycles that help us in the development of a lifelong learning.

Through this circular model, we bring together three aspects of learning:  

  • Acquisition of new knowledge
  • Reflection on this new knowledge
  • Putting the new knowledge into practice


Alumnos EAE



The learning process can be understood in many ways, but only one is lifelong.





We’ve drawn inspiration from learning cycles and agile processes on which the development of projects —or, in this case, knowledge— is carried out through constant and accumulative cycles which allow us to create lifelong learning tools.

The model works like a virtuous cycle. At the core, the ultimate goal of our students’ transformation, which is to develop as a lifelong learner, professional and human. From then on, and through overlapping layers, the educational path construction process begins.



The ability to learn throughout your whole life, encouraging the error culture as a part of the learning process, of the adaptation process and of the development of resilience.



Skills to grow professionally, understanding the contexts, focusing on achievements and having the capacity to work with autonomy.



Values that consolidate professionals through social awareness, sustainability, collaboration and the capacity to embark on projects and look towards the future.