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To teach at one of the best business schools, you need to have a passion for teaching. Our lecturers have this passion in their DNA, but they are also executives and professionals with a sound knowledge of the current business reality, as well as researchers who contribute relevant knowledge through their studies and publications.


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EAE’s faculty is formed by over 500 professionals and academics with a diverse range of profiles, but who share a single, unique approach to training, characterized by an international, interdisciplinary and collaborative perspective. 70% of our lecturers combine teaching with their executive professional activity.

The result? They blend academic rigour with the application of different tools, techniques and methodologies to enhance the professional future of the students, who can the bring added value to their companies and society right from the start.

The faculty works together with the Advisory Board and the Academic Management team to ensure that the programs are constantly updated and easily transferrable to the professional world.

“A tuition program involves exploring a new path and sometimes fulfilling a dream. Our lecturers give their all to ensure that you are not disappointed”


Of all the fundamental goals of higher education centres, research and knowledge transfer hold particular importance. However, not all research is valid per se. To be effective, knowledge requires reflection and maturity. In other words, the advances made in all fields of knowledge are enriched by reflection and discussion among academic peers. As such, we are firmly committed to making progress on our restless quest for reason, at both an individual and collective level.


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One of the key challenges that EAE faces in terms of research is the increase in innovation and knowledge transfer. Moreover, we must not lose sight of the need to enhance the internationalization of the research conducted. As a result, we strive to ensure that the knowledge obtained from the research has a big impact on the School itself but also on a wider scale, as a country.