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The different grants offered by EASE reward the efforts of students who have displayed an outstanding capacity for work and talent, with 50% of their enrolment fees being refunded. 

Applications for EAE grants are submitted after enrolment, during the first term of the academic year, and a decision is made on the application at the end of the first semester. The terms and conditions of the calls for applications are sent by email to all enrolled students. 

In addition, EAE gives awards and accolades to reward the merits of the winners with different titles and benefits.


Achieving excellence in studies requires great amounts of energy and consistency. We aim to generate extra motivation for students who are working at the highest level.  

The Academic Excellence Grant is designed to reward applicants enrolled on an in-person Master program at EAE, who have displayed extraordinary performance and can accredit an average weighted score of at least 8.5 out of 10 in their Bachelor Degree, University Diploma or equivalent studies. 


Launching an entrepreneurial venture is an exciting endeavour that requires preparation, sacrifice and creativity. EAE wants to foster the entrepreneurial spirit and good business ideas with a grant offered to directors of SMEs, self-employed people and professionals with a business projects. To be eligible, applicants must have set up a company in the same year as they are applying for the grant. 

The criteria evaluated when awarding the grant are the profitability, innovation and scalability of the business idea, as well as the entrepreneur’s curriculum and the GPA on their grade report (or equivalent). 


We strive to increase the presence of women in executive roles and foster gender equality in the business world. Over 40% of our students are women, many of whom are professionals who have to combine their studies with their professional and personal lives.  

We want to reward their effort with this grant, which evaluates their academic record but also their executive potential and the responsibilities and positions held over the course of their professional careers. 


To achieve a fairer, more participative society, we have to run initiatives that foster the talent of people with a disability. With this in mind, we have created a grant that rewards the best academic report of any applicant with an accredited disability of at least 33%. 

The successful applicant must accredit that they have the highest GPA in their academic report for their Bachelor Degree, University Diploma or equivalent studies. 


Identifying young talent and fostering innovation form part of the School’s DNA. With this in mind, every year, we run a competition entitled “Ideas for the New Economy”, which offers prizes to students in the second year of the high school baccalaureate or the last year of advanced vocation programs in the fields of Administration and Finance, Commercial Management and Marketing. 

We award the following three prizes that benefit the students who have produced the project, their tutors and the schools: 

- The first prize is a grant equivalent to the full cost of the first year’s fees of EAE’s Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management or Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Digital Communication for the winner. The tutor receives a laptop and the prize-winner’s school is awarded a cash prize of €5,000. 

- The second prize is a grant equivalent to half the cost of first year’s fees of the aforementioned Bachelor Degrees for the winner. The tutor is awarded a tablet and the prize-winner’s school is awarded a cash prize of €2,000. 

- The third prize is a grant equivalent to 25% of the cost of the first year’s fees of the aforementioned Bachelor Degrees for the winner. The tutor receives a Bluetooth speaker. 

The projects must be individual, unpublished and not have received awards in any other competitions. The projects must focus on economic or business topics, or any of the functional areas of a company (finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc.).


The Dean’s List is another initiative organized by EAE in recognition of our students’ hard work. Every year, we rank the best students on each program (with an average weighted score of at least 8.5). The people chosen join a select group of students who set the standard to aim for among the EAE Community. 

All the members of the Dean’s List receive a certificate and accrediting diploma, as well as attending a gala dinner to celebrate. In addition, the top 20 are included on the Dean’s Honour List, and the top-ranking student receives a trophy and a prize of a free summer residential program.  


Every year, we select the best undergraduate. The winner receives a trophy at the Barcelona graduation ceremony, which they attend as a guest of honour. 


The Bachelor’s Thesis with the highest score also receives an award. The winner receives a trophy at the Bachelor Degree graduation dinner. 



EAE’s lecturers also deserve recognition for their passion for teaching and their professional achievements. 

The awards for lecturers are divided into 4 categories: 

  • Best lecturer on Full-Time programs in Madrid 

  • Best lecturer on Part-Time programs in Madrid 

  • Best lecturer on Full-Time programs in Barcelona 

  • Best lecturer on Part-Time programs in Barcelona 

To qualify for these awards, lecturers must have taught on at least 3 programs and for 120 tuition hours during the sessions currently under way on the date of graduation, and not have been chosen as the best lecturer in the last three editions. 

The selection is made by the Graduation Committee based on the results of the satisfaction surveys completed by the students and the degree of the lecturers’ involvement in the activities organized at EAE. 

The winners attend the graduation ceremony of their campus as guests of honour and receive a trophy. 


Recruiters are essential for boosting our students’ professional careers and facilitating their access to the professional world. 

At EAE, the top recruiters are selected by the Graduation Committee and the Professional Careers Department, which evaluate more than 4,900 partner companies that EAE works with in line with the following criteria: 

- number of students recruited. 

- talent programs run (innovation, graduate programs, etc.) for high-potential profiles. 

- participation in EAE’s recruiting activities (Talent Week, Recruiting Day, Employment Forum, etc.). 


Every year, we select our top two international partners and express our gratitude for their invaluable support by presenting them with an award at the graduation ceremonies Barcelona and Madrid. The award is collected by representatives of the winning institutions, who attend as guests of honour. 

The Graduation Committee evaluate the merits of the nominees, taking into account the agreements and collaborations in place with the School, as well as other aspects such as reputation, certifications, position in rankings, academic quality, etc