At EAE, we train professionals with up-to-date programs firmly linked to the reality of the business world. We are sure to have the ideal candidate you are looking for. Shall we help you find them?

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EAE trains professionals equipped to lead organizations in all sectors, with programs fully adapted to the real needs of companies. We operate in 25 countries and have signed more than 5,000 partnership agreements with companies all over the world. We are the perfect partners to help you identify talent and recruit the candidates that are the best match for each position in your organization.

Get Guarantees

We work fast and rigorously to guarantee that you end up with the right candidate:

  • We produce reports based on reliable innovation tools.
  • We can pre-select candidates in line with the competences you are looking for and aligned with your company’s values.
  • We prepare candidates to succeed in selection processes.
  • We ensure objectivity through verified test and external partners.

The profile you are looking for, exactly when and where you need it

Our students form a heterogeneous human capital base, including junior, senior and executive profiles, all with a common denominator: they are well prepared to join the various departments of companies in the most important economic sectors, many of which are abroad.


were contracted after their internship last year


received permanent contracts in 2018


opted to work abroad in 2018

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You have access to services and resources to find the talent that you are looking for:

Contracting Calendar

Make the most of a simple, flexible schedule that enables you to contract the best professionals at various points throughout the year:

Off-Campus Events | Employer Branding events

If you want out brightest students to get to know you up close, the best way is to invite them to the events that you organize at your company. Enhance your capacity to attract talent and discover eveything our candidates have to offer.



On-campus events

Come to our campuses to check out EAE's talent for yourself. There are plenty of opportunities:

Company Meetings, Talent EAE, Company week and many more..