Faculty & Research


The Strategic Research Center (SRC) publishes monthly studies related to a sector of the economy or any other macroeconomic, demographic or sociological aspect of Spain or LATAM. The studies are reproduced by a large number of national and international media and taken as a reference by companies and organizations.


Also consult the reports produced by the Work of the Future Center that studies the impact of the current and changing socio-economic environment and promotes sustainable employability in fragile, uncertain and digital environments.

Work of the Future Centre


The Harvard Deusto journals analyse the world of business management from different perspectives, setting the standard in both the academic and professional spheres, with the publication of four titles: 

Business Review

Examines the reality of management with the insight of great experts and accounts of the experiences of leading companies in different sectors.11 issues per year have been published since 1980.


Marketing & Sales

Presents the latest trends in marketing and commercial management. It has been published every two months since 1994.


Management & Innovation

Offers highly practical contents on the key areas of management with a particular focus on the impact of information technologies on business management. 11 issues have been published every year since 2014.


Learning & Pedagogics

Focuses the field of education, offering reflections, analysis, practical contents and a series of articles on developing professional competences. It has been published every quarter since 2015.